technology-enabled event structures

Bring your event to life with beautiful and vibrant media-enabled event structures, utilising world-first event technology to create a lasting impression with your target audience. From exhibitions and concerts to brand-new product launches and pop-up shops, our modular and container-based media structures form the perfect event structure for our clients.

what are the benefits?

-Inexpensive and easy to use

-Increased engagement

-Distinctive and memorable structures

-Easily deployed and cost-effective

-High-tech and futuristic image

-Give your brand the wow factor

our work

Benefit from artwork on glass walls that can pulse in time to music, mimic the movement of audiences or even play bespoke frames. There’s also the option to install bars and balconies, along with seating and wi-fi. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll create it!

Here are some examples of media structures we’ve had the pleasure of bringing to life.



our solutions

We have a variety of structures to choose from, including our customisable media glass products, suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. This world-first modular system makes incorporating technology into smaller and difficult to access areas equally as possible, allowing you to utilise the wall of transparent glass to illuminate your message and display moving, eye-catching graphics. We can also build it into exhibition stands, shell schemes and other temporary structures. Alternatively, you could choose our container-based structures, which can be double-stacked to create an impressive display.

Our most popular media structure configurations can be seen below.

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