Have you ever had a wonderful meal in a 5* restaurant however will never return simply because of terrible service from a Waiter? Or perhaps you have been excited to receive delivery of a much anticipated birthday present which was spoilt by a rude delivery driver?

At Versatile we appreciate how important people are.

We know that the one thing everyone is certain to remember is the people, which is why we have a team who are professional, enthusiastic, willing, operationally excellent and work hard from the first minute of the day to the last. The people make the event; especially those which are public facing.

We believe that the secret to any successful event or experiential campaign lies with its Team. The right staff with the right skills are essential. Our experience tells us that an event is nothing without the right people.

We ensure that those supporting you on the day are an extension of you, after all they are a prominent and powerful representation of your Brand and will form an important part of the story we have worked so hard to tell.