Creating brand awareness

Creating brand awareness is one of the most important phases of promoting a product, particularly when launching new products and services. Products and services that maintain a high level of brand awareness compared to their competitors are likely to generate more sales. A Versatile event unit gives you the opportunity to no longer rely on traditional print advertising which is struggling to keep up with the swerve in popularity towards experiential marketing. We believe that the secret to effective brand recognition is an eye-catching campaign and here at Versatile we are experts in making you and your brand stand out among your competitors.

The physical presence and branding opportunities of a Versatile mobile unit means that potential customers will be unable to miss noticing you.   


To make any campaign a success it is critical that we target the right audience at the right time and in the right way. When working with us we will take time to talk through who your target is and how best to approach them for optimum success. From underground stations to shopping centres to football stadiums we have held events and product activations in them all.

You may have noticed big brands making a move towards experiential marketing where traditional paid marketing has begun to fail to hit the mark and deliver the results being demanded. We are all guilty of jumping on social media to post and tweet about an experience we have had and suddenly no longer are you talking to the 100 people who have attended the event but to thousands of potential customers across different age groups and locations – Is there any quicker way to get your brand message and product out to a wider audience? We don’t think there is!

We work hard to ensure that all our campaigns and mobile event units have that ‘talkability’ factor for all our customers.

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