mobile units for retail

a flexible approach to modern retail

Our retail units offer the most cost-effective and flexible approach to modern retail. The convenient purpose-built units allow you to offer a brand and retail presence in every town, without the cost or ties of retail premises.

Utilising a Versatile ‘pop-up shop’ makes it easy to achieve market recognition and retail sales, which is perfect for new product initiatives, seasonal launches, as well as stock clearance opportunities.

What are the benefits of taking your store direct to your customers?

  • Optimise the visibility of your brand whilst the unit is in transit as well as in use
  • Eliminates rent, rates, shop fitting, POS and planning requirements
  • Get to the best markets at the right time
  • Sell high volumes in short time frames
  • Reduced staff costs
  • Ideal data capture opportunity
  • Introduce new customers to your brand
  • Ability to offer hands-on demonstrations of your product or service
  • Quick set-up