creative compliance

Complying with health and safety regulations isn’t new to us, it’s an integral part of how we work and something we must consider when creating structures or experiences and events for our clients.

But, compliance doesn’t mean the measures you implement have to be generic or boring. In fact, it can be the opposite and enhance your brand and organisation.

Whilst ensuring the safety of your staff and customers, why not take the opportunity to improve your working environment. There are so many options available to you. For example, on brand screening solutions can add rather than detract from the ambience if well thought through. Branded screens also provide you with unique advertising opportunities in the right environments.

At Versatile, we’re able to install digital message displays, welfare testing stations, screening, printed signage, and floor labelling; all produced in house for cost-effective fitting. Our sanitation checkpoints and temperature test stations on concourses, entrances and around businesses are also popular.

Access Control Units

As well as having a range of standard units available immediately, we can fabricate them to suit your organisation or business and branding. These are ideal for almost all businesses and organisations, including schools, as they can be deployed as mobile classrooms.

We offer a range of units with three-stage barriered entry. This is a no-touch, hands-free system deployed in a container where HIAB access may be prohibited. Further to this, we have a headcount management system that can be installed on the entrances of retail outlets, venues or public spaces as well as our access control units to count customers in and out of the space via a number of plug and play sensors.

So, no matter what you need, invest in a solution that you can utilise now and in the future. Our offering is road ready and we have thought through all social requirements in light of Covid-19.
We have solutions for businesses conducting virtual conferences, hospitals, care homes and educational environments, along with solutions for those in retail and events. We offer in-house production and full installation services, so we can react immediately to changing circumstances, including lockdowns and location restrictions.

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