Experiential Marketing Action Plan

Experiential marketing is a relatively new type of marketing that has taken the concept of reaching customers to an entirely new level. It is the most personal type of marketing that a consumer can experience, which is entirely the point.

The word “experience” can be defined in many different ways. However, as a rule of thumb, an experience leaves someone with something memorable and exciting to look back on.

By providing striking encounters, businesses can solidify relationships between consumer and organisation.

Examples of Experiential Marketing

Coke Zero

Many companies have succeeded in creating memorable events through experiential marketing techniques that have entirely pushed the envelope of interest and intrigue.

For a marketing campaign to be truly experiential, it comes down to making the consumer feel something on an emotional level. The experience, through whatever means, connects the consumer to the brand.

During the collaboration between Coke Zero and the 2012 movie 007 Skyfall, a Belgian advertising agency came up with the idea of using experiential marketing for the latest Coke advertising campaign.

When fans bought a can of Coke Zero at a vending machine in Antwerp, they were greeted with a screen that gave them the chance to win free Skyfall movie tickets.

Once the user put their name in, the screen gave instructions to collect the tickets at the other side of the train station on another platform. A 70-second timer followed this. Once the person started to run and make their way to the right platform, several members of staff were already in their path to act as obstacles, purposely dropping things and blocking off stairs.

If the user made it to the other side before the timer ran out, they were required to sing the James Bond theme tune upon the completion of which they received two Skyfall movie tickets.


German car manufacturer, Volkswagen, used experiential marketing to test what they call the “Theory of having fun”. The idea is that people will put in more effort and change their behaviours when the opportunity to have a good time is given to them. It shows how reactions to something like having fun, can be a powerful draw for people.

In order to do this, VW created a piano staircase in an underground station in Stockholm. These stairs made piano sounds, making it fun to go up them. The amount of people choosing these stairs over the escalators shows that people are happy to go through a bit more for the sake of something different.

Experiential Marketing Action Plan

To execute the perfect experiential marketing campaign, a marketing action plan (MAP) is required. This will help to allocate costs, figure out what you are going to do and how you’ll achieve it. It will increase the effectiveness of your campaign and ensure that people will have an experience worth talking about.

Step one

A marketing plan should always include a defined end goal, so you need to think about what you are specifically trying to achieve, but first, you need to figure out what you want the person to experience and how you want them to feel.

So, start off by creating some goals for your marketing action plan. Use the SMART technique to help you create more comprehensive and achievable goals. This will ensure they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Timely.

Step two

After that, identify the resources you will need. If they are not readily available – you will need to set time aside to obtain them, since some campaigns may require technology, props, actors and other resources that may vary in price and availability.

You may also require other businesses to help with obtaining certain resources and running the actual experience.

Step three

Then it is about executing the plan. You need to keep everything in mind from your marketing action plan and adhere to it closely.

If you can give your customers an experience they will not forget, your brand will always be associated with this excitement.

Step four

Once the plan has been executed, make sure you have gathered the right information. For example, survey those who experienced it to ask them what it was like, along with their perception of your brand. This information will is invaluable.

Then, decide how you could have improved the experience. Keep this in mind for whenever you decide to plan out another experiential marketing campaign.

What experience your business could offer

Certain businesses will offer different types of experiences. You need to understand your target market to achieve the most impactful and enjoyable experience for them.

For example, restaurant chains have limitless options. They can provide customers with top-class dining experiences, whether that’s the opportunity to cook something, or share a dining experience with a stranger, or even dine in the dark. It’s all about creating experience people won’t forget.

If you sell other products, whether that’s a home furnishings or décor, for example, you could make use of the latest technology. Use virtual reality to make your furniture come to life. Allow people to view and interact with a room, reassembling furniture, changing the colour or walls, cupboards and floors. This could also work well for those in the property market, allowing people to walk around different homes that are available to rent or buy. Using virtual reality or even augmented reality is a great way to show people what you have on offer, and for many, it will be their first time using virtual reality.

Here’s another great example of how technology can be used:

This video went viral! With so many people loving how realistic the augmented reality was.

What We Can Offer

Here at Versatile, we work with an extensive range of trusted partners, and together, we can bring any idea to life. The process of an experiential marketing campaign is not a simple one; however, our approach ensures that no matter what you’re looking to do, we can support you during every step of the process.

Versatile and trusted partners can provide these services and many others. Get in touch with us today to find out what else we offer or if you simply have any questions about the blog which we have covered today.