Sustainability Through Technology

Working together towards a sustainable future is something we feel very passionate about at Versatile. One way that we’re reducing our footprint is through technology, especially at exhibitions.


Paper has long been a key ingredient to exhibitions – business cards, leaflets, brochures: all things which often end up being thrown away before even leaving the venue.


Did you know: the UK uses about 12.5 million tons of paper each year and, sadly, paper comprises 20% of all waste in the UK? If we recycled even 10% more paper annually, we’d save approximately 5 million trees. Or, better yet, if we use less, we can make a truly significant impact.


We’re on a mission to use technology to make the events space more environmentally friendly and the pandemic has only accelerated our efforts. 


And, we’re not alone in our commitment to going green.


77% of exhibitors and 65% of visitors believe that “organisations that organise and set-up events” are responsible for helping the tradeshow industry improve its environmental impact. This responsibility also relies on exhibiting companies for 53% of exhibitors and 54% of visitors (Source: UFI report on the Status of Sustainability in the exhibition Industry, 2021).


Now we are facing a Post-COVID world, more and more touchless interactive solutions have become readily available – we’ve found new and exciting ways to ensure we can keep the power of interaction, in the safest and most sustainable way possible.


VersaTAGs can replace all physical print by allowing your audience to receive information via their own device, simply by tapping or scanning a touchpoint. Not only can you provide far more information digitally than you could on paper, including visual mock-ups, but this solution also allows you to keep interacting with your audience in a way that’s more affordable, more sustainable, and makes your customers feel safer. 


“I think that as we move further into the new normal, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will become a bigger and bigger part of our lives, especially in events, due to it’s relative simplicity and flexibility!” – Zack, Versatile’s AV Technician.


Watch this space – we’re excited to see what the future holds for technology in the events space.