Emotional, Innovative Brand Experiences

Experiential marketing is still regarded as one of the newer marketing strategies; however, the whole process has evolved exponentially over the past few years.

Versatile works very closely with several partners to provide brands with emotionally driven, innovative 360˚ solutions, as either a trusted partner or in a white label capacity.

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is a method that builds an emotional bridge between brands and their consumers. These campaigns use ‘activation’, which brings an audience closer to the brand through product sampling, stunts, and immersive experiences.

No matter how a campaign uses activation, it’s crucial to remember that experiences worth having are all defined by one factor: emotion.

The way we feel influences our actions and how we interact with what’s happening to us at that moment. At Versatile, we know that placing emotional impact at the heart of an experience can help brands build something that will create long-lasting memories.

Why Should a Business Consider Experiential Marketing?

Consumers just don’t respond to conventional advertisements in the way they used to, and this is called ‘ad fatigue’. Symptoms include boredom, exhaustion and apathy.

However, everyone knows that marketing is a crucial component to the success of any business, without it, there’s no way to reach goals and speak to a core demographic, which is why experiential marketing might be precisely what a business and their brand(s) needs to cut through the noise.

Experiential marketing is far removed from the traditional adverts we’re used to seeing. It takes away the idea of ‘ad fatigue’ and creates something unique that a consumer couldn’t find elsewhere.

Experiential marketing creates brand experiences at trade shows, exhibitions and product launches. A businesses reasons for setting up an experiential marketing campaign can differ from meeting customers and performing marketing research to generating sign-ups and increasing leads.

Different businesses may have different goals in mind, but successful experiential marketing aims to achieve three things no matter the end goal:

  • – Create interest
  • – Reinforce brand affinity
  • – Build relationships

The Versatile Experiential Marketing Approach

With so much choice for modern consumers, brands can struggle to break through to their audience; combine that with increasing consumer suspicion, and it makes it harder for a business to gain a foothold.

These days more and more marketing has moved into the digital realm. However, this means there is undoubtedly room for experiential marketing campaigns that leave an impression, create intrigue and forge new links between the brand and the consumer.

With the help of our extensive infrastructure, we’re able to turn around complex projects very quickly. Our integrated approach means that we’re able to support our clients throughout the process. From conception, printing, storage and logistics, through to asset production (which covers everything from point-of-sale displays to bespoke furniture) and the eventual execution; we can be with you through it all. And we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and act as an extension of your team on the day of your event by representing your company and its ethos.

Experiential marketing gets to the very heart of what inspires people and positions a brand as valuable, meaningful and attractive. The campaigns that we’ve been a part of have always aimed to put people first; to provoke, challenge, motivate and produce results for our client.

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