Mercedes-Benz Vans UK

The Vision

Versatile was engaged by Meet & Potato, a Liverpool based Agency to create an immersive experience for Mercedes-Benz Vans UK (MBV) to communicate the brand shift from vehicle manufacturer to holistic transport solution provider.

Having identified changes in how consumers respond to brands and their marketing campaigns, MBV began to shift their positioning so it was seen less as a vehicle manufacturer and more of a holistic transport solution provider. This modern approach made up a large part of their ‘adVANce’ strategy, which brought their key business message of “Keeping Businesses Moving” to the forefront.

This change in positioning within their sector enabled MBV to explore alternative routes to market. What’s more, since their annual event, the Van Experience Live, was coming up, refreshing the format of it in line with their vision would be vital in reaching new audiences and their future customers.

Goals & objectives

For the event to be a success, MBV had to deliver an experiential brand event. In other words, it had to take the concept of reaching customers to new heights. It had to provide each consumer with a personal experience they would remember and connect them with the brand.

As a branding exercise, the event would also have to reach a broad target audience, that could later be nurtured through the buying cycle.

Event highlights:

  • Electric vehicle range
  • Mercedes PRO
  • Digital infrastructure connecting businesses to the fleet
  • Vehicle solutions for improved efficiency
  • The future of autonomous vehicles
  • Differentiators that set MBV apart from the competition

The formula of success

Meet & Potato formulated a strategy to create a self-contained experiential event, and so The Keeping Businesses Moving roadshow was born. The target audience were not only existing customers but commercial fleet managers, small business owners, sole traders, drivers and entrepreneurs. To ensure engagement and demonstrate MBVs innovative approach the roadshow had to go direct to the potential customers and provide an experience like they’d never had before.

To make the event come alive, Meet & Potato engaged with us to create a 16m double-expanding articulated trailer which would contain three multi-sensory experiences. The trailer itself was designed to be alluring. It was black with minimal branding. Only when visitors entered would they be greeted by one of the many Brand Ambassadors trained specifically for the event and then submerged into the brand story through sensory lighting and sound effects which accompanied the technologically advanced experience.

As Meet & Potato explain, “…the story was played out in an emotive 360° video. Taking a seat on a motion-controlled platform, visitors enjoyed a full Virtual Reality (VR) experience as they joined a series of business customers in their Mercedes-Benz van to see how the brand keeps them moving, while they keep their customers moving…”

The event also utilised Augmented Reality (AR) to show the future of MBV, enabling visitors to engage with the carefully curated content throughout the mobile venue. Added to this was the Mixed Reality (MR) experience using Magic Leap. This was the first time Magic Leap had been used in the commercial vehicle sector. This wearable technology that brings the physical and digital worlds together as one enabled MBVs event visitors to explore a futuristic world.

Before the event began the trailer was tested by 400 people, including staff from Liverpool John Moore’s University Technology department.

Overall result


Once the venue was complete, staff trained and testing complete MBV were able to welcome up to 300 visitors each day.

Each visitor was asked for feedback and 100% of it was positive with the event scoring an average of 9.46 out of 10. What’s more, the gamification of MBVs story enabled them to reach a much wider audience, many of whom were outside of their existing dealer network and usual customer base, but who’re still their ideal client.

Steve Bridge, Managing Director at Mercedes-Benz Vans UK said:

“It’s essential the pioneering spirit of Mercedes-Benz continues through innovation. This trailer brings the brand to life with more passion and pride than ever.”

This project gained recognition from Forbes as one of the top AR projects in 2019!

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