World Leading Media Enabled Event Structures

In a society with growing expectations, it is without a doubt getting more difficult for businesses to get a typical consumer’s attention. Expectations continue to rise, and businesses without brand recognition may find it increasingly more difficult to get consumers on side.

But today’s technology enables these businesses to maximise their chances of getting potential consumers interested in many different ways. Exhibitions, live shows and other events continue to grow, and these are the perfect opportunity for a business to show consumers what they are really all about.

At Versatile, we can help a business make their presence known, and in this blog we’re going to explore the different options available to you.

Why are Media Event Structures so Important?

There is no doubt that any business would want to make their presence known at exhibitions and other live events. With hundreds of interested people roaming around, these events can be the ultimate way to market yourself.

However, in order to stand out, a business must do something unique. This is where media event structures come in. They can provide the perfect solution to one of the biggest problems – gaining a potential consumer’s attention.

Modular Media Structures

This is where you can get creative – a modular system makes it possible for you to customise your structure. Whether you need it indoors or out, in a small area or a large one, with today’s advanced technology anything is possible.

The modular media structure above, shows just how eye catching the use of lights can be, and these can be as customisable as your imagination allows.

You can choose from a range of customisable media glass products for your structure, which essentially creates a wall of completely transparent glass – making it completely unique when compared to other LED displays – which displays moving imagery and graphics that really catch the eye.

Container Based Media Structures

Maybe you need something that is more suited to a smaller space, or maybe you need something that is much more interactive and distinct. Container based media structures allow you to choose a versatile container that can meet all your needs. You can adapt and brand it as much as you want – it can be the perfect show off for any business. It also really allows you to maximise the use of the space you have available.

If you have a good amount of space, your stand can seriously stand out at any event. With bold colours, seating areas, screens, lights and text, you can really create a sense of FOMO (Fear of missing out) for anyone at the event who hasn’t been to your stall yet.

Read about these structures in the media structures brochure here.

Previous Work:


Samsung, used this structure to help with their infrastructure for their European tour. This was done through a branded Samsung mobile unit, and shows how a business can stay true to their brand with their event structures.


Mazda UK, opted for an outdoor unit specifically branded to them and tailored to their needs. The unit is a great example of how creative businesses can get; this outdoor unit is spacious on the inside and can be used to show off cars on the unit and on displays.

In addition, there are many facilities in this unit, with TV screens, coffee machines and seating areas allowing for hospitality management.

Jamie Oliver & Hotpoint

Hotpoint collaborated with Jamie Oliver to create a mobile cooking classroom intended to spread the message of healthy eating and home cooking. This state-of-the-art mobile facility was requested by Hotpoint, and the result is incredible.

With 7 teaching podiums equipped with Hotpoint equipment, live CCTV cameras feeding footage to 3 50” TV displays, and even a pop out seating area, this unit truly has created something new and special.

It has continued to allow Jamie Oliver to teach people inside of the truck on healthy eating, while making use of Hotpoint’s equipment, promoting a healthier lifestyle in a society with a growing trend of obesity.


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