We were approached by one of our customers to offer support on the sampling of 15,000 cans of Jameson, Ginger & Lime across London

Due to the nature of product sampling being a high volume, low time activity we needed to ensure we supported on a high impact and high visibility campaign. The date was decided on; Friday 17th March 2017; St Patricks Day. As well as 15,000 samples of Jameson Ginger & Lime the vans were also loaded with full branded distribution trolleys, flags & flagpoles, selfie frames, hashtag hand stamps and leaflets.

The Team arrived upon the pre-identified key sites and within under 4 hours all 15,000 cans and leaflets were distributed, vans were re-packed and we were off site, back to base.

We have seen product sampling become such an important part of a business’ marketing strategy. It can be a powerful first step in getting a customer to try your product. The customers own experience is so important and product sampling can help create that real connection between a person and a product.

If you are considering introducing sampling into your next campaign please do give us a call to discuss how we might be able to support you with the execution. You can call us on 01780 720217 or email at info@versatilevenues.co.uk