Interview With Our Apprentice Operator

As a company, Versatile Venues believe in empowering our young workers as the future of our business. The logistics industry can be a difficult one to enter, so we pride ourselves on creating and offering plenty of opportunities to young people to join our team and learn with us.

We have a number of current apprenticeship opportunities across the Group. For more info contact:


To find out more about our apprentices’ experiences with Versatile, we spoke to Matthew, our Apprentice Operator to ask him a few questions.

What drew you to apply for a job in Operations?

What drew me to this job, and Versatile in particular, was the span of jobs that I would be doing: from driving to setting up/taking down events, interacting with clients and even warehouse work, it sounded exciting and the thought of doing something different everyday was great.

Versatile attracted me the most because I knew it was part of C.S.Ellis which is a big company in the local area and I’d always heard good things about the group as a whole, and the fact that it’s also a family run business makes it really stand out from other companies.



Since working at Versatile, what is your proudest achievement?


Coming into this apprenticeship, I had very little experience besides driving so there have been a lot of challenges. My proudest achievement was going off and setting up an event for a client on my own for the first time. 



Since working at Versatile, which, of all the projects you’ve been a part of, has been your favourite? and why?


The project that I’ve most enjoyed being a part of is the one I found most challenging. There was a lot to do between two people and, with me having little experience at this point, I surprised myself. We did everything, using a multitude of varying skills, it was all new to me. We got over the problems we faced, worked well as a team and came up with good ideas. Despite it taking ages, it was so rewarding when it was finished and to see the final result. 



What’s your favourite thing about working at Versatile?


Versatile is a great company to work for and there is always a helping hand when you need it. My absolute favourite thing about working here is that you’re doing something different everyday, but also the responsibility and independence that you have when working. Travelling to different places is great and some of the venues I’ve been to are amazing.



We’re always looking for new talent so, if you’re keen to discuss a career in the logistics industry, get in touch with our team – we’d love to hear from you!