Why pay for experiential marketing?

Just when you think you have got to grips with all the Marketing buzz words and jargon floating around inter-space another one appears…Experiential Marketing.

So first of all let’s talk about what experiential marketing actually is. Experiential marketing is all about the customer experience. An experience which is exciting, fun and memorable. One that evokes emotion. The aim being to create, a sometimes sub-conscious, bond between the customer and your brand resulting in brand loyalty and of course the potential for additional sales if not today or tomorrow then further down the line.

To make any campaign a success it is critical that you target the right audience at the right time and in the right way. When working with our clients here at Versatile we take some time to talk through who the target is and how to best approach them for optimum success. From underground stations to shopping centres to football stadiums we have done them all.

You may have noticed big brands making a move towards experiential marketing where traditional paid marketing has begun to fail to hit the mark and deliver the results being demanded. Wouldn’t you rather go home and tell someone the amazing thing you have done today rather than something you have got? We are all guilty of jumping on social media to post and tweet about an experience we have had. No longer are you talking to the 100 people who attended the event but to thousands of people across different age groups and locations – is there any quicker way to get your brand message and product out to a wider audience?

Why not have a chat with us today about how we can help you create that important ‘talkability’ factor via your next campaign. Let us reveal the secret to success through Experiential. You can call a member of our Team on 01780 720217 or email info@versatilevenues.co.uk