What is the Best Mobile Brand Kitchen Solutions?

When a franchise or a large food company is looking to become a more mobile operation in order to exhibit and/or retail at an event, then it’s important that they really consider their own needs as well as those of the demographics they’re looking to impact with their corporate marketing messages.

Whether putting on a large-scale event of their own or looking to exhibit at a food trade show elsewhere, it’s crucial that the right impactful solution is found so current customers will recognise the brand and new customers will be intrigued by it.

In this blog, we’re going to explore exactly what equipment and knowledge food businesses need when searching for the perfect mobile brand kitchen solution to really get people talking.


The equipment needed will depend entirely on what goals need to be achieved. We work with our clients on this to ensure that all the equipment required is sourced and fitted into the chosen kitchen solution.

Whether hoping to wow audiences with fantastic cooking techniques, connect on a personal level with cook alongs, or offer prominent brand ambassadors the opportunity to engage with audiences through Q & A’s, the quality, branding and design of a mobile kitchen solution will speak volumes.

Eating food is an everyday occurrence for us all; which is why it’s so crucial that food companies, particularly prominent businesses, are pushing the envelope to create something that people will remember and associate with the brand.

This doesn’t just include the cooking equipment itself; perhaps a speaker system, a seating area, an area for attendees to try out products, television screens and a podium for demonstrations are all required – whatever the case may be, Versatile has a range of trusted partners to call upon to ensure that the brands we work with are achieving their aims and objectives.

Spatial Requirements

When it comes to exhibiting at an event, the required and available space is almost always something to bear in mind, since it’s important to ensure that the size of the solution is fit for purpose. As we’ve already touched upon, it’s essential to think about what will be required based on what is being conveyed to attendees.

These events are about getting people excited; especially the case when it comes to a well-known food brand since most people will already know what the company does and are looking for something new and stimulating.

We offer a range of options to brands from exhibition stands to trucks for cooking roadshows, so whatever is required, we can work closely with a business to ensure that they have the right space to connect to those demographics that are most important.


Whatever an event consists of, it will almost certainly mean needing to be able to wash up, prepare food safely and wash hands frequently.

All of this, of course, requires fresh running water on tap. Without this, the job becomes much harder and could be creating a food safety hazard, particularly when dealing with raw meat.

Electricity & Gas

Larger equipment is going to need more power to operate, so it’s important to consider this from the outset.

For example, if you’re performing a baking demo, then there’s probably no need for gas appliances – these could instead run using an electric generator.

On the other hand, gas will be required if a hob or a grill is needed. However, you must have a plentiful supply to see you through the duration of the event and ensure you’ve taken all health and safety aspects into account.

At Versatile, we’re able to install electric and gas appliances into a branded kitchen unit to ensure they adhere to the correct safety standards.

Correct Health & Safety Procedures Must Be in Place

There are stringent regulations in regards to food safety that all mobile kitchen solutions must adhere to. This ensures that food and equipment are safe and will not cause any harm to anyone in attendance at the events – this is especially important when running cooking demonstrations or classes.

All food operations, no matter how large, are required to have a food management system, or a Hazard Analysis and Critical Point (HACCP) as it is known by the Food Standards Agency.

As part of the requirements as per the FSA, inspectors may ask to see codes of practice for food hygiene, cleaning schedules, risk assessment procedures and all training records.

A Hazard Analysis and Critical Point should clearly define how a business handles and eliminates any food hazards in accordance with Regulation (EC) 852/2004 on the hygiene of food-stuffs, and the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 or equivalent.

Versatile, Jamie Oliver & Hotpoint

At Versatile, we have extensive experience when it comes to creating branded mobile kitchen units for well-known brands, and our most recent example comes from our collaboration with Jamie Oliver and Hotpoint.

Versatile was approached by the Hotpoint team with a brief to put together a mobile unit that could provide both a distinctive and adaptable solution to help Jamie Oliver continue his campaign to help more people get into the kitchen to create healthy and delicious food.

Jamie and his team were keen to reach as many people as possible, particularly in areas of the UK, where obesity and diet-related health issues were prevalent.

With the help of our close partnerships, Versatile was able to create a completely state-of-the-art mobile kitchen solution – The Hotpoint Mobile Teaching Kitchen.

This mobile kitchen included seven teaching podiums, a preparation kitchen and a camera system which was able to send a live feed to three 50-inch monitors, to enable those inside and outside of the mobile unit to see everything in detail.

The mobile teaching kitchen offered free cooking lessons in partnership with the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, with each of the teachers involved using Hotpoint cooking appliances.

The kitchen travelled across the UK, spending a week in Crystal Palace, Bristol, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Liverpool, allowing anyone, of any age, to take part.

Our Mobile Hospitality Units

At Versatile we’re committed to helping organisations deliver extraordinary moments with our mobile hospitality suites.

Designed to make an impact; our suites are also ideal for roadshows and private backstage areas for film and TV production.

We can create a completely bespoke design of your choosing, to suit bars and catering stations. We work with an exceptional array of partners, such as caterers and event dressers to create a complete experience which increases engagement, interactivity, attendance and audience participation.

Each of our units can be designed in a way that exposes your brand, by including high-impact visuals and branding techniques. So, whether a company is looking to buy or hire from us, we’re here to take any kitchen solution to the next level.


If you have any questions about anything we’ve covered in this blog or the services we offer, please contact us today.