What Businesses are Doing to Help During the Pandemic?

Over the course of just a few months, Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it. Almost every market has been impacted and has had to make changes to ensure they come out stronger. There are numerous opportunities for businesses who want to help others and use this time to prioritise and plan for the future.

Businesses Supporting Their Employees & Customers


We recently partnered with Brewdog, who recently started to manufacture sanitiser to donate to local charities and hospitals in need. We have been fortunate enough to be able to help them by setting up sanitisation stations at their headquarters as well as their distribution warehouses.


The online marketplace Shpock, have agreed to pay up to 50% of courier fees to prevent people from seeing each other when buying or selling second-hand items. They have also created volunteering schemes in local communities, such as grocery shopping or delivering medicine by creating adverts with the hashtag #shpockhelpers.


Other businesses have supported customers by simply changing policies to avoid inconveniences. This includes extending refund periods, gift cards lifespans and more. Many have also started offering discounts for customers to use online.

Amazon, for example, is prioritising deliveries for essential items. This allows them to help those who may be especially vulnerable to the virus at this time.

Businesses Supporting Frontline Workers

Many businesses are doing what they can do help the nation, and more specifically, the NHS to cope with the global pandemic. Everything from creating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to thanking the NHS for their hard work.

Addison Lee

Public transport company Addison Lee has started a fundraising campaign – “Donate a ride” which allows people to donate money for NHS staff to get a ride from their homes to the hospital for work. Over £150,000 has already been raised for the NHS heroes, which has resulted in 9,000 free trips for NHS staff to 63 hospitals in London.


The cleaning giant, Dettol, are donating 150,000 care packages to NHS staff. These packages include antibacterial products and other cleaning items to help NHS staff keep their homes as clean as possible.


Headspace – a mindfulness app, is also offering free limited-time premium access for NHS staff. This is to help boost their mental health and encourage meditation and relaxation – keeping the frontline workers in the best mental state they can be in.

Our Commitment

Here at Versatile, we’re doing what we can in an unprecedented situation. Therefore, we’re continuing to offer short term temporary mobile display units that can be used for an array of purposes.

We have deployed such mobile units for healthcare clinics, as well as meeting and presentation spaces as an alternative to large events that have been cancelled, complete with air conditioning, WIFI, and stand-alone power supplies.

If you have any questions about the services we are offering, contact us today.