Innovative Exhibition Technologies Available in 2020

Innovative Exhibition Technologies Available in 2020

Live events give exhibitors a fantastic platform to engage their audience, market the brand and eventually convert leads into sales.

There was a time when a few freebies and energetic sales patter were enough to attract new customers, but these days it takes more than a promotional product to connect with your customers.

With so much innovative technology available to exhibitors, it’s essential to take advantage of what’s available to you to really make the most of exhibitions and live events.

Interactive Apps

man with tablet

These days, people aren’t satisfied with being fed information. They want to understand a business, in an informative and engaging way, which is why a business app is so useful. They allow your audience to experience your products and services in an exciting and unique way.

For example, if someone comes to your stand to have a look at your latest range of sport-focused trainers, they might enjoy an app which allows them to build and customise a trainer according to their tastes and requirements.

A brochure with images of the latest designs and features of the trainer is excellent, but imagine how much more engaging it is for someone to be able to design their perfect trainer and order it there and then.

Augmented Reality

pokemon go on mobile phone

The success of games like Pokemon Go, which captivated Pokemon fans all over the world, really did place AR right at the forefront of the latest technology. And while nobody can dismiss the popularity, and increasing scope of virtual reality, their presence at live events and exhibitions has been increasing steadily for some time.

Augmented reality works by incorporating computer-generated scenes with a 2D or 3D view of the world, which makes for a fantastic interactive experience. AR can give your customers the chance to explore your products with real-time technology which can help cement your brand in their mind.

Magic Leap Technology

Magic Leap is similar in concept to VR, except the head-worn display projects digital light fields into a user’s eye to display images of the real world back to the user. Unlike other similar products, such as the HoloLens from Microsoft, the headset uses a technology which makes the difference between the virtual and real worlds, almost indistinguishable.

Bringing Magic Leap to your event is a wonderful way to encourage interactivity from participants, where they can play games, experience 3D CAD imagery, design virtual worlds and interact with other users.

Magic Leap is still experimenting on their product, with numerous projects still in the experimental stage, which means there is still an aura of mystery around what the company might bring out next. This combined with the fact that there are only limited headsets available to the public at a cost of over $2,000, means that it’s sure to make a splash with those who try it out.

3D Printers

We all love a freebie, and as we’ve already mentioned, they are commonplace at tradeshows and exhibitions.  Now, imagine taking that concept one step further and making it right there in front of spectators.

Whether you use 3D printing to create a smaller version of your product, or you design a bespoke free gift, 3D printing is a great way to attract prospects and really give them something to remember.

3D printing is relatively low-cost and is undoubtedly worth it if you can draw a crowd and encourage them to engage in the process in real-time.

Live Streams

According to Tech Jury, live streaming is expected to account for 82% of all internet traffic this year. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are all offering this feature, so if you’re not using it to interact with your audience directly, you’re missing out.

More and more businesses are reaping the benefits of live streaming at trade shows and exhibitions in order to drive footfall to their stand. By opening a line of communication in this way, businesses are not only increasing footfall, but they’re also creating a buzz around the company, which increases the FOMO (fear of missing out) factor, which gives delegates the urge to visit the stand to avoid missing out on something.

Social Media Stories

mobile phone sketches of snapchat and instagram logos

Social media stories are hugely popular and have made a real impact on the social media space over the past few years. By capturing the highlights of the day, stories are an excellent, bite-sized way to offer video content.

Almost 1/3 of all Instagram stories are from businesses, which goes to show there is certainly an interest in consuming this kind of content and it can provide your business with some excellent exposure.

While exhibiting, you can use social media stories to create spur of the moment content, that gets people talking and promotes your brand. What’s more, because they are only temporary, you can use your story to promote limited-time deals.


While there is definitely technology out there that can take your exhibition stand to the next level, it’s vital that you choose wisely, since you want the tech you choose must blend seamlessly with your brand and products.

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