How We’re Helping Businesses & Organisations Adjust to the New Normal

Conforming to health and safety regulations is an integral part of how we operate and something we consider each and every time we create a new solution for our clients.

We’re committed to helping businesses and organisations of all kinds, adjust to the new normal. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these measures can’t be interesting and engaging.

Here at Versatile, we can work closely with you to implement a range of measures to ensure that your staff and customers are protected, while still pushing brand values and interaction.

Internal & External Sanitary Access Control Units (ACU’s)

We offer a range of both internal and external sanitary access control units, which include three-stage barrier entry.

These are hands-free systems that can be deployed in either a 12 or 6m container or a 6m lightweight option where HIAB access may be prohibited.

In most standard implementations the system will work in three stages:

Step 1: Temperature Scan

Step 2: Auto-Dispense Hand Sanitisation

Step 3: Automatic Barrier Opens

The systems can also include a fourth stage where necessary, when tickets or vouchers need to be scanned in a shopping centre or event venue, thereby reducing any unnecessary contact with personnel.

Unmanned Headcount Management

The Headcount Management System can be installed at the entrance to retail outlets, venues and public spaces with high foot-traffic (in conjunction with ACU’s) to measure customer numbers moving in and out using highly attuned plug and play sensors.

The sensors include digital signage advice on estimated waiting times to advise when a customer is able to enter the space safely.

Should someone try to do so before it is safe, the system will sound an audible alarm, as well as display a digital message which will either act as a deterrent or alert for staff so they know when they may be required to step in.

The digital displays can offer other messaging depending on venue requirements and preferences, as well as incorporation into already existing infrastructure such as anti-theft radar stations.

The data the system collects can also be particularly useful when looking to find detailed insight into footfall, activity and trends.

Workplace Requirements

We can install a complete array of COVID-19 approved workplace requirements, such as:

  • Digital Message Displays
  • Welfare Testing Stations
  • Partitions & Screening
  • Printed Signage
  • Floor Labelling

We produce all these products, either branded or generic, in-house to ensure cost-effective fitting.

Sanitisation & Testing Stations

Over the coming weeks and months, it will become commonplace to see sanitisation stations, checkpoints and temperature testing stations on concourses, at the entrance of venues and on businesses premises for some time to come.

In addition to a range of standard options, which can be deployed immediately, we can also fabricate business and branded specific solutions of your choosing.

Socially Compliant Roadshows

As our clients begin to assess how they can start to engage with their audiences again, we have ensured that our road-ready solutions reflect the medical advice around social distancing. With all of our solutions, we ensure that we can be:

Adaptable – Our flexibility and dynamism mean that we can react immediately to changes in circumstances, such as lockdown and location

Available – We can come to you and your audience so that travel is restricted to the bare minimum

Responsible – Our units maintain foot-traffic that is socially acceptable but well channelled, to ensure that we retain a duty of care to your audience, while still maximising engagement, social distancing and cleanliness.

Family & Medical Healthcare

We can provide solutions for hospitals, care homes and educational environments with a range of products to enable friends and family to visit people safely, with the following products:

External Window Canopies and Window Modification.

Segregation Units.

Open Segregation Pods.

Closed Segregation Pods.

When it comes to implementing Covid-19 secure precautions, we understand that time is of the essence, which is why we pride ourselves in our unrivalled turnaround time.

If you’d like to learn more about any of socially responsible COVID-19 solutions, please take a look at our brochure or get in touch today.