Four State of the Art Public Consultation Trailer Designs

Exhibition trailers have the ability to combine visual impact, stunning design features, comfort and incredible attention to detail, all of which are crucial when a company wishes to interact with the public by using a trailer as a state of the art public consultation space.

As such, in this blog, we’re focusing on four examples of state-of-the-art public consultation trailer designs, which are some great examples of the work we’ve done.


TranAm is one of the UK’s most well-known brands in the field of motorcycle clothing, accessories and parts. With a proven reputation for delivering best-in-class products for over forty years, we knew that we’d have to utilise that reputation and expertise and translate it to the design on their trailer.

We installed specially designed racking to offer flexible display options, which carried the instantly recognisable brand colours of the company.

The pop-up television screen that you can see in the image above was designed to display marketing material and then be safely stowed away while the trailer was moving.


This public consultation trailer was hired from our fleet hire range by the Italian luxury car firm, Maserati, during event season.

We were asked to create a bespoke trailer that could be deployed at events, by not only offering our logistics services but also staffing the trailer and managing the hospitality offering.

As you can see from the picture above, the finished design fused elegant sophistication with a luxury feel, to reflect the reputation and feel of the brand.

By taking the Maserati brand and some of their products straight to their target demographics, we were able to use this consultation trailer as a powerful marketing element, enabling the team to meet customers face-to-face and field any questions about the cars.


When Samsung began their European tour, Versatile was able to provide a completely branded public consultation trailer, which we were also trusted to move, setup and maintain.

This particular trailer featured at some highly exclusive events such as The Ideal Home Show and Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Having worked with Samsung over the course of three high profile trailer tours, we are now the brand’s go-to partner for their event requirements.


Aico leads the way when it comes to domestic CO and fire protection products and training. Aico also offers their technical expertise and advice on selecting the right alarm system, siting and installation.

The image you see above is our mobile showroom and training trailer for the brand. These multi-purpose setups give the team the chance to be flexible with each trailer and are even used for internal training when not out on the road.

When advertising and displaying products and services to a target audience, the environment must reflect the brand and their values, and these trailers certainly deliver on these expectations.

What Can Versatile Do for You?

An example of some of our other public consultation trailers

At Versatile we offer a range of support services, including the design, manufacture, conversion, and refurbishment of our public consultation trailers. We also provide logistics, operations, and event management support for both indoor and outdoor events.

When looking to attract the attention and turn heads of your key demographics at an event, using a well-designed and high-quality trailer can bring your brand to life in a way that solidifies existing relationships and creates brand new ones too!

We know things are a little tricky at the moment, so we’re committed to helping organisations that are hoping to put on or take part in an event in the coming weeks and months.

We can work closely with you to implement a range of COVID secure measures while still ensuring your offering remains engaging and exciting for your audience. Trailers and roadshows are ideal in the current climate, as we can help you to manage visitor levels to ensure that your staff and customers are well-protected.


If you have any questions about anything we’ve covered in this blog, or you’re interested in discussing any of our COVID secure range with us, get in touch today.