But why Versatile…?

The opportunity to take an event to a previously unexplored space is an exciting consideration for 2017 and beyond. Bringing an unusual and unexpected hospitality experience to your visitors and teams increases the chance of interaction, attendance and participation. Versatile’s events team, with our fleet of vehicles, trailers and structures will allow you to host an experience whenever and wherever it is needed.
Versatile’s Managing Director Timothy Cook answers some of the most commonly asked questions below:


Q) I am contacted a lot by marketing companies. What makes Versatile different from any other mobile hospitality specialists?

A) Here at Versatile we are so much more than just a mobile hospitality and marketing company; we help our clients entertain, communicate, engage & express their brand personality. We have the know-how and expertise to bring brand messages to life during your events, offering 5 star logistic and operational support. We place great value on our Team and the importance of them in all aspects of what we do; you will always find us passionate, professional and ready to help.

Q) I am interested to know who your customers are and what markets you are active in?

A) The proof is in our partnerships. World-leading brands and their agencies trust us to deliver in style, again and again. We provide innovative spaces for almost anything you can think of; touring hospitality, site offices, team eventing, TV & radio broadcast, product launches & roadshows to name a few. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business and we are delighted to welcome clients back time and time again.

Q) How standardised are your vehicles and to what extent are you able to customise to my unique requirements?

A) Our factory team have many years’ experience in bespoke vehicle and trailer design and manufacture. The team of skilled craftsman are always keen to take on a new challenge as well as building from our standard design portfolio. Once we are satisfied we have a practical solution to achieve your vision we will support you through the entire design process from conception through to execution.

Q) I would love to do something a bit different for our customers during the 2017 season but I simply do not have the infrastructure or resource to manage this – How can you help?

A) The kind of Versatility mentioned before requires a unique infrastructure. We have twelve acres of production workshops, warehousing, storage and fulfilment facilities, a fleet of 70 vehicles and a spirit of a family business that has thrived since 1933. This means we can tailor our services in order to ensure we meet all your needs.

Q) Great! I can see how you can bring my ideas into reality but I have to go away and discuss with the wider Team – What would be your message to them?

A) Here at Versatile we create extraordinary spaces, events and experiences from scratch. Hospitality, product launches, TV & Radio – we do it all. Big, brave, complex? Even better. In a word, we’re Versatile.