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When you are at an event, a showmobile can take your campaign one step higher. It is important to have promotional materials and an effective marketing message, a showmobile is a great addition to your materials to increase your brand exposure.

At events across the country or even across the world, it is important to be as eye-catching as possible when selling your brand or product, which is why here at Versatile Venues we produce bespoke showmobile trailers customised for our customers.

Our trailers are made to wow, stand out from the crowd, turn heads and entice potential customers to you promotional stand.

Showmobiles have to be suitable for their target audience to ensure they get noticed. The increase in popularity of these marketing units is resulting in companies having to thinks outside of the box with their designs.

At Versatile Venues we will work hand in hand with you to design a showmobile that will leave a lasting impression with your customers.

Showmobile Trailers

Showmobile trailers here at Versatile Venues come fully kitted with full lighting, electrical plug sockets, and Wi-Fi; we even fit kitchens if need be. We offer total customisation of interior and exterior design of your trailers. 

Whether you are looking for a showmobile trailer for an indoor show or outdoor needs, our trailers are suited for both. We want you to be comfortable with your trailer so whether you are selling a product or offering your business services, we want to design a trailer to maximise brand visibility. You have full control over the interior and exterior design.

Why Choose Versatile Venues

Hundreds of customers all over the country, Europe and beyond have been satisfied with their promotional vehicles and trucks. 

  • Customer service is the number one priority for us here at Versatile Venues. We ensure customers are 100% satisfied by ensuring their choice of showmobile has met their criteria.
  • With the state-of-the-art technology, we allow full customisation on all trailers both inside and outside.
  • OWe can help with the set-up of your vehicle as well as offering to trained staff to help at your events - Need a driver? We can also help with this as we have a team of qualified drivers.

For more details and examples of Showmobile Trailers, contact us today on 08000 147 338.

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