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Versatile Venues' Training trailers  and Mobile classrooms offer a range of customised training solutions, specialist technical training trailers and general use mobile classrooms.

These convenient purpose-built mobile classrooms offer cost-effective training delivery in any location. We know how difficult it can be getting your employees to a training base and it can also be quite costly. Training trailers are a great way of gathering your employees to one place without having to go anywhere.

Consolidating business's legislative and mandatory training for onsite delivery not only offers significant cost savings but drives a better training culture and efficiency within organisations, enabling delivery to record numbers of delegates in greatly reduced time frames.



With space for up to 50 delegates, each unit is equipped with all of the learning tools you would expect to find in any conference or training room in a static venue. These are optimal learning environments brought to the student. Our trailers are spacious so employees aren’t confined in a small space. 

Trailer Training Courses

Versatile Venues are unique in our ability to offer a large range of multi-skill accredited training courses through our training partners as well as offering the superb facilities for general hire.

The concept of mobile training classrooms has been embraced by many leading UK organisations in both the private and public sectors. 

Don't need a training trailer? Find what you are looking for here on Versatile Venues whether you are looking for a Marketing trailer, Retail trailers, Catering trailers or even Defence trailers.

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