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Versatile Venues can design logistics trailers and roadshow trailers for your campaign whether it is for a single event or multiple events to travel throughout the UK, Europe or beyond maximising your business's training initiatives, message distribution and brand exposure.

We will help you create a significant competitive advantage and get your message, products and services directly in front of your customers with our event roadshow trucks.

You can offer a hands-on demonstration of your product or service and engage your clients' in a three-dimensional environment giving a lasting insight in a way that no printed brochure will.

Being at roadshow it may mean you need to go to various events around the country, and we can help out with the transportation of our trailers when needed, we also give advice about upkeep and management.

Bespoke Logistics Units in the UK

Each of our bespoke logistics trailers are quick to set up, taking one man between 20 minutes and 2 hours for the largest units. Ideal for training courses, major road show activity and conferences. Each unit is operated with its own independent power supply allowing for use in any location.

The team here at Versatile Venues are always happy to help which is why with al trailers we always give our best advice on the management of the vehicles and the upkeep whilst you are on the road.

If you need a roadshow trailer that can sustain uneven territory why not check out our selection of defence trailers.

All of our bespoke trailers from Hospitality trailers to our Healthcare trailers can be customised to suit your company.

Our professional operational teams will run your unit with head office support and a dedicated 24 hour support line so no matter what the problem, big or small, let us know and we can help.

Whether distributing simple consultative information or exhibiting a technologically infused showcase of your latest product, Versatile provide the perfect solution.

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