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Versatile Venues' mobile medical units and healthcare trailers offer customised medical units and mobile clinics ideal for healthcare providers, health authorities, private hospitals as well as occupational health providers, medical charities and community projects.

The health service industry is in high demand and can often suffer from a lack of space and capacity. Our medical trailers, portable hospitals and health vans can offer an on-site or community-based solution, bringing mobile health clinics right to the door of the people who need it the most.

We provide bespoke designs with all trailers to make them stand out. People will trust your trailer more if your branding is on it. 

If you need help setting your trailer up, we are here to help givie you advice on upkeep and management of our trailers.

Our services stretch across to Marketing, Hospitality, Catering, Training and other industries.



Mobile Medical Van

Each mobile medical van and mobile medical units can be modified or specifically designed to suit each individual task or application. We will work hand in hand with you to ensure all of your requirements are correctly catered for.

We make sure that everything is meticulously clean for your piece of mind. 

With mobile healthcare trailers patientscan receive efficient Delivery of Health Care that is versatile and cost effective that is convenient for all. These trailers can be used permanently or as a ‘testing the water’ situation.

Mobile medical vans are useful seasonally for example during the colder months people hospitals are inundated people booking their flu jab, mobile healthcare vehicles give the opportunity to provide the flu jab in a quick and effective way.

For more information and to discuss your specific needs, call us on 08000 147 338.

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