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5 May 2015

Imagine you’re at a large outdoor marketing event and the day starts out with brilliant sun shine, only one or two clouds are threatening an otherwise blue sky. Perfect weather to do an exhibition! It’s a shame that English weather can be so capricious and how easily a glorious summer’s day can turn into a thunder storm with torrential down poor. If such an occasion does occur you want to make sure that people run to your unit.

This particular marketing Vanguard (semi-trailer) has been fitted with a hydraulic extending pod to the far side and a canopy with barn doors fitted to the near side. Doesn’t sound all that exciting but I haven’t got to the best bits. When I say canopy and barn doors, you’re probably expecting a fabric awning with a set of doors that opens with big front doors, right? In this case you’d be dead wrong. The only time we’d fit a fabric awning, is if you order one, so what you’ll be getting is a section of the near side unit that is lifted by hydraulics and as for the hydraulic extending pod, these action can be control using hand held units connected under the left hand side (if you want to operate the canopy) or the right hand side (if you want to operate the extending pod) of the goose neck. This is more of a safety feature so that you don’t accidentally extend the pod when you’re trying to lift the canopy. As for the barn doors, they aren’t actually big doors as much as gull wing stages aren’t actually wings of a sea gull. They are actually panels that fold out from the side of the unit where the canopy rested when not deployed and act as display boards to provide on the ground selling points.

LED lights would be fitted to the lip of the canopy to better illuminate the entrance to the unit, also means that you can see the information, product or service being advertised on the barn doors to give people an idea of why they should come to you.

All those features add up to a good shelter from the rain don’t you think? Once they’ve ran under your canopy for shelter, they can then look at what you’re offering and who knows? Maybe come in to somewhere more protected. Not only would they be protected from the elements but they would also be walking in to a comfortable environment with air-con units cooling the warm air or heating the cold air to make it just right, they would also be greeted by fully trained marketing staff or they could browse the internet utilising the on board internet access points or wifi points built into the unit.

Oh no! There a bolt of lightning has hit the external power supply that your unit is hooked up to! Now what is going to provide all the electricity to get all your electronics going? Never fear! All units are fitted with on board generators as standard housed in a sound deadening compartment so that you’ll barely notice it running.

If you wanted to be that little bit showier, you can have full bespoke branding on the exterior of the unit as well as personalised interior tailoring.

All this and you don’t even have to buy the unit, you can just hire it!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in but its missing a few details, you can call Versatile Venue to discuss the details on free phone 08000 147 338 or email them at

It won’t cost you a thing to enquire. 

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