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Guerrilla marketing is on the increase, this form of marketing focuses on low-cost unorthodox marketing tactics that yield maximum ROI. It requires unconventional marketing techniques; high energy and imagination to capture the customer's interest and leave a lasting impression - Guerrilla marketing trailers are the perfect solution.

At Versatile Venues we offer bespoke marketing trailers that leave a lasting impression on your customers. We offer dynamic trailers that are built-in with interactive elements that breathe a new life into the world of advertising – your business can reap benefits from this experiential effect.

Our bespoke marketing trailers can be customised to meet the needs of your specific marketing goals, allowing you to maximise your brand awareness. A fully branded marketing trailer can create the most powerful of personal interactions. We can setup display stands, 3D rooftop signage, interior shelving, WIFI and fit wide screen monitors that allow users to interact. We can also setup other interactive engagement elements that will help to achieve your marketing objectives.

Experiential Marketing Trailers

Get your brand out there with the aid of our Guerrilla marketing trailers. At Versatile Venues our innovative teams of professionals can assist you with all aspects of your marketing trailer. From idea planning, trailer selection, fabric selection, logistics, staffing, deployment, project management and more – We want to take away the stress for our customers. Our operational teams will run your unit with our dedicated 24-hour head office support staff so that you can focus on your customers. 

Why Choose Versatile Venues

With hundreds of happy customers across the UK, Europe and beyond, we are the leaders in providing bespoke trailers and units.  

  • Our friendly team of support staff offer quick setup and dismantling of trailers – Visiting multiple locations in a short period.
  • All our trailers come equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure you leave a lasting impression with your customers. We offer customers complete freedom of choice to customise trailers to their branding preference.
  • Our highly trained professionals can confidently help represent your brand during events. Highly responsible and reliable, our team will completely dedicate their time to your project with 24/7 support.

With a diverse line-up of trailers, vehicles and pop-up venues. We can help to design you own experiential marketing trailer that will create a buzz with your customers.

For more details and examples of Guerrilla Marketing Trailers and Experiential Marketing Trailers, contact us today on 08000 147 338.

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