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Client name: Worldwide Veterinary Service

Project: Provision of Off-Road Mobile Veterinary Clinic


To deliver a veterinary unit which would enable the mobilisation of clinical and educational facilities for the treatment of potentially Rabid Dogs in harsh environments and where the transport system is poor.

What we did:

  • To reduce the amount of suffering for animals exposed to rabies.
  • To educate the population in the best ways of dealing with the rabies problem as a whole To give support to the local organisations trying to resolve the issues in isolation.
  • Draw attention to the problem and offer a viable solution.


Anywhere, any time.


  • Raised awareness of the problem of rabies whilst offering a viable solution.
  • Increased fundraising potential and is continueing to support and knit together all the smaller organisations into one large effective program The high profile vehicle attracts attention and therefore promotes the cause where ever it goes.
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